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NORTH MIAMI BEACH, FLA. (WSVN) – The manager of a North Miami Beach restaurant said he was concerned for his safety after finding a GPS device on his SUV.

A surveillance video showed a man playing near Kim Hong’s vehicle in front of Thai House II along northeast 163rd Street near Biscayne Boulevard near Kim Hong’s vehicle.

“I’ve never seen him before. He’s just a random guy, ”said Hong.

The restaurant manager said it was closed for the night at this point.

“I’m usually the last one to leave the restaurant,” he said.

The security footage shows an employee driving away from the parking lot in a white car. Meanwhile the man was wandering around playing with a ball.

At the moment, the man appeared to be waiting for the coast to clear, then kicked his ball under Hong’s SUV and crawled under it.

Hong said the clerk in the white car came back to confront the man.

“He just said he was going to pick up the ball,” said Hong.

But Hong said he wasn’t worried until he checked the bottom of his SUV.

“I found a GPS tracker,” he said.

North Miami Beach Police detectives have confirmed it is a GPS tracking device.

“First night, second night, couldn’t sleep. I couldn’t sleep at all, ”said Hong. “I have the feeling that someone at my home could reach me at any time.”

Police said they didn’t know who this mysterious man is, but he could potentially be a private investigator, and if hired by a bank or corporation for legitimate business reasons, the tracker would be legal.

“I feel like this only happens in movies, but now it really happens to me,” said Hong.

It all unfolded like a scene from a movie and a story that doesn’t end there.

Meanwhile, the incident has made Hong nervous.

“Something is going wrong. That is not right. I feel like my privacy is gone, ”he said.

When asked if he believed a company had a legitimate reason to track him down, Hong said no.

The police are investigating further.

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