Vice President Kamala Harris Discusses Local weather Change at Aspen Concepts in Miami Seaside – NBC 6 South Florida

Vice President Kamala Harris urged Wednesday that climate change and its negative impacts should be a matter of public health at Aspen Ideas: Climate in Miami Beach.

Harris, on her second trip to South Florida in the past year, joined singer Gloria Estefan in a moderated conversation to discuss the Biden-Harris administration’s approach to climate change.

“My parents met when they were active in the civil rights movement, which, of course, was a fight for justice and equality and those influences formed how I have thought of and worked on this issue, which is to take seriously the need to protect and preserve this beautiful Earth, but also that, let’s always think of it through the lens of equity and justice,” Harris said.

Harris talked about her passion to use green energy and to protect the environment. She discussed ways to use clean energy, like using electric school buses, which she said would be safer not just for students but also for school bus drivers.

She discussed protecting water sources and water policies and said access to clean drinking water should be a right, not a privilege.

Harris also mentioned that work needs to be done to get rid of led pipes, saying that they produce toxic water.

Locally, she also said a million dollars will be allocated to protect the Everglades.

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