The Miami Seaside Fee votes to halt the apply through which greater than 90 p.c of town’s arrests had been later launched

MIAMI BEACH, Florida. – South Beach attracts millions of tourists, but it’s been making headlines lately for all the wrong reasons.

There are people who ask how safe the city is right now.

On Wednesday, Miami Beach Commissioner Steven Meiner proposed a solution that he believes could make a difference.

“Working with our municipal prosecutor team, I found that 383 of our 418 criminal arrests were released by our Miami Beach Police Department, either by our municipal prosecutor or the judge,” Meiner said.

That is more than 90 percent of the arrests between October 2020 and September 2021, for example for violating open containers and trespassing.

The city says this happened mainly because of COVID-19, but Meiner doesn’t think this is a good explanation.

“Things have pretty much normalized and that number hasn’t changed,” Meiner said. “We’re still seeing a revolving door of arrests and immediate release.”


Mine suggested that the city drop these charges and pursue any case in which the arrested person has a criminal record. He also wants to appeal against all cases that are dismissed by judges.

“Persecuting the case does not mean that the person will inevitably go to jail,” Meiner said. “It just means that there was a legitimate arrest and that there are some consequences, be it an exercise program or a fine. But the crime has other consequences than dismissal without notice. “

The decision is taken in the Commission and officially takes effect.

The commission also directed the city’s prosecutors to keep more data on convictions and dismissals so they can see how well this works or not in the future.

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