Surveillance footage reveals chaos of taking pictures exterior Miami Seashore bakery – NBC 6 South Florida

Surveillance footage shows a man collapsing to the ground after he was shot in the leg as police identified the woman who opened fire outside of a bakery on Collins Avenue in Miami Beach.

Monica Santos-Gonzalez, 37, of Puerto Rico was arrested in connection with the Monday shooting.

According to an arrest report, police were working a festival nearby when they heard three gunshots coming from the 7300 block of Collins Avenue in Miami Beach.

Officers ran toward the sound of the gunfire and found Ricardo Briones lying on the ground suffering from a gunshot wound to his left leg. Footage from surveillance cameras showed the man collapsing to the ground and other patrons running in different directions when gunshots rang out.

“I heard three shots, bang bang bang,” said Simon McDonough, who lives nearby. “I knew they weren’t firecrackers, so I went to the window and saw people running.”

Moments later, officers were flagged down by patrons outside Moises Bakery about a possible suspect, who was then identified as Santos-Gonzalez.

Witnesses told NBC6 Santos-Gonzalez had been sitting outside the bakery for hours before she suddenly got up and opened fire.

According to the arrest report, police found her outside the bakery with a gun in her hand. After various attempts to get her to drop the firearm, she dropped it and walked inside the bakery where she was placed into custody.

Santos-Gonzalez is also accused of shooting an SUV with several people inside. No one in the car was injured, but the rear window was shattered.

“She just tried to shoot anything that moved,” Hector Castillo said. “She shot at a car with kids inside, and at another Lexus in front.”

According to police, the incident is not believed to be targeted.

Officials said Santos-Gonzalez spontaneously stated, “They killed my family,” while she was in custody.

Monica Santos Gonzalez

As she was detained, officers found another victim, Cindy Small, suffering from a gunshot wound to her right thigh.

Briones was transported to Jackson Memorial Hospital’s Ryder Trauma Center and Small was taken to Jackson’s emergency room. Both are expected to recover.

Witnesses who saw the incident happen were taken to the Miami Beach Police Department where they provided statements that corroborated Santos-Gonzalez’s actions.

A black Glock 19 semi-automatic firearm was recovered at the scene which had been stolen out of Fort Lauderdale in April.

According to the arrest report, Santos-Gonzalez was homeless and had a record of drug-related charges.

She is now facing charges of attempted second-degree murder, possession of a firearm by a convicted felon, grand theft of a firearm, publicly discharging a firearm, shooting or throwing of deadly missiles and displaying a firearm while committing a felony. Santos-Gonzalez was ordered held on a more than $118,000 bond.

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