Girl discovered lifeless inside Miami Seashore lodge room

MIAMI – A death investigation is underway after a woman’s body was found inside a hotel room in a busy and tourist-driven area of ​​Miami Beach.

According to police, they received a call from a woman requesting a welfare check for her coworker, who was last seen Saturday, December 3.

Officers sent to the Sherry Frontenac Hotel at 65th Street and Collins Avenue found the woman dead inside a room.

Police said the death is being investigated as a homicide.

“It was scary because I came with my family, especially my daughter,” said Carmen Estebe, a guest at the hotel.

She said Tuesday evening officers swarmed the hotel.

“We saw lots of police. We saw a crime scene van,” said Estebe. “This was surprising because this is always very quiet here. Mostly we have crew members staying here. It is always very nice.”

Paola Goni, who is staying nearby, was shocked to hear what had happened.

“I’m really astonished,” she said. “I thought perhaps drugs or theft, I never thought about a killing. Never. Never in my life.”

Juan Padin, a receptionist who works across the street, said he was surprised when he came to work Tuesday night.

“I came to work at 10 o’clock and the whole street was full of police officers, their vehicles, rescue trucks, and CSI vans. I’m shocked because it doesn’t happen around here, we don’t see that type of stuff around here, especially from that hotel. That hotel is pilots and stewardesses,” he said.

CBS4’s Peter D’Oench spoke with Theresa Kuenzler, a flight attendant who has been staying at the hotel for the past 24 years during layovers.

She said, “I just heard about the woman here on the premises. I am shocked because it could be someone I know. It could have been someone else who is on a flight crew. I hope it is not one of our crew.”

“What questions do you have?” She was asked.

“I want to know how this could happen here, a homicide,” she said.

An unidentified co-worker said, “Mostly, I am a little bit surprised. This should not have happened here.”

A hotel manager said he could not comment on the case. It is not known if the woman worked for an airline.

Police have not released any information on how the woman was killed but did say detectives are actively following several leads.

Anyone with information is urged to contact Miami-Dade Crime Stoppers at (305) 471-TIPS (8477).

Peter D’Oench


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