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MIAMI BEACH, FL. (WSVN) – A group of men was arrested for triggering trouble in South Beach.

Officials said they were parked illegally outside a hotel and when they were asked to move they pulled a gun on the manager.

On Monday, the group was arrested after an altercation outside the Shelly Hotel on Collins Avenue was sparked when four men in an SUV were asked by the manager to move from a loading zone.

Surveillance video obtained exclusively by 7News and provided by the Sherbrooke Hotel’s Mitch Novick showed how the incident unfolded.

“You can see the guy in the driver’s side hanging out the window,” he said as he described the video.

A police report stated in part, “The males became aggravated and began to yell obscenities. Two of the males were hanging out of the rear windows yelling at the victim. One sitting on the door frame of the rear driver-side door as the vehicle is making a U-turn.”

The video showed men riding on the outside of the SUV.

Police officers said an unknown male hanging out of a vehicle pointed to a semi-automatic gun at a hotel manager.

Someone called 911 before Miami Beach police officers raced to 844 Collins Ave and within a few minutes, they made a traffic stop on the westbound MacArthur Causeway.

One of those arrested was ex-NFL player Damian Parms.

On Tuesday, he faced Judge Mindy Glazer as she read over the police report and found out what his crimes were.

“So he’s basically the getaway driver,” she said. “

The former Carolina Panthers defensive back was charged with accessory. The arrest form stated that loaded guns were found in the SUV, including a semi-automatic rifle. Multiple black ski masks with eye and mouth holes cut into them were also found.

“It was cold last night, right? 65 or 70,” said Glazer as Prams shrugged at her question.

Erwin Harper is accused of pointing the gun and he is charged with aggravated assault with a firearm.

“Another day in paradise,” said Novick.

Parms was accused of stealing luggage at the Hartsfield-Jackson’s International Airport in Atlanta back in December.

The three other men involved in this case have their cases are pending.

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