Boat stolen out of Bimini discovered deserted on Miami Seaside shore – NBC 6 South Florida

A boat stolen out of Bimini ended up on a Miami Beach Shore over the weekend as cellphone video shows possible migrants hopping off that boat.

The Border Patrol is now investigating.

“I was heartbroken, it was tough,” said Jason Canady, who owns the boat. “I was hitting the panic button because I felt responsible for the whole crew.”

Canaday, his daughter and some friends came down to Fort Lauderdale from South Carolina last week for his birthday Saturday. From South Florida, they would hop on his boat to Bimini.

But the birthday celebration would take a turn early Sunday morning.

“I thought my buddies were playing with me and then I realized it was real,” Canaday said.

The boat was gone. Canada says surveillance video at the marina showed two people board his boat, untie it and take off. They left a kayak in its place.

He got a hold of security and police. Later that day, he got a call from the Coast Guard and police telling him they found the boat. He also came across a video on social media, showing more than a dozen people hopping off the boat and running towards Collins Avenue in Miami Beach.

“I guess they went and picked up the rest of their crowd and then they made the shot straight across to Miami,” Canaday said.

Canada learned all the gear he had was gone.

“I was glad they found it, but like I said, pretty heartbroken when it all went down,” Canaday said.

Canaday, his daughter and their friends now had to figure out how they would get back to Fort Lauderdale. Thankfully they met some people on their trip who gave them a ride.

“I tried to give him some gas money and he wouldn’t take it,” Canady said. “He knew what position we were in and I would have done the same for them.”

Although his birthday trip didn’t end how he pictured it would, Canada is thankful they all made it back safely.

“It could’ve been worse — they could’ve taken the boat the first night of our trip and that would have really screwed the whole trip up, but at least it was the last night and they did recover the boat,” Canady said .

Border Patrol is still investigating. Canaday says he still doesn’t have his boat back. He’s trying to figure out how to get it from Miami back to South Carolina, which he hopes can happen by this weekend.

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